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    I’ve been a student of Zumba for over 10 years! I loved it from my first class. Zumba was the first fitness regimen that I stuck to for more than a month.  Before Zumba I would join a gym and attend a few other fitness classes here and there only to abandon it completely after only a couple of months. Since discovering Zumba I’m finally not allergic to working out. I’ve started watching what I eat and working on other areas of my fitness journey. I tell you all of this to let you know that it didn’t happen over night! Whether you love Zumba too or are just starting out on your journey I hope you’ll attend a L.I.T. Dance Fitness class and begin to love not just Zumba but fitness in general.  When you attend a L.I.T. Dance Fitness class our goal is to encourage and build you up so much that you go out and spread the love you received with others.  Our goal is to create such a fun and loving environment that you forget you're working out and you'll share you're experience with someone else.

    As a student of Zumba for several years I would always tell myself, “Hey, you should get certified to teach.” And then in the same breath I would talk myself out of it. I would say, “I don’t have time”, “I’m not good enough.” “I’m too old.” Until one day I saw an ad for the Zumba certification pop up in my timeline and before I could talk myself out of it I was registered. I just did it. After I completed my certification I sat and reflected on what’s next. God just began opening doors and putting me in contact with people who encouraged me. God is a big part of who I am. I had to learn to love Him first and then I had to learn to love myself so that I could love others.  That's what L.I.T. Dance Fitness is all about, LOVE!


    At L.I.T. Dance Fitness it's about getting fit, it's about having fun, and most importantly it's about spreading love! If we are active in our community but we don't have love we're nothing.  If we give to various charitable organizations but don't have love then what good is it?  Love is what is needed in this world. As Mark 12:30-31 syas Love God! Love Yourself! Love Others!  Why?!?!! Because Love is True! It’s L.I.T! L.I.T. Dance Fitness!

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